Lithium lifepo4 battery Lithium lifepo4 battery

Lithium lifepo4 battery

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Energy storage system

⊕ High efficiency energy storage can be freely retracted

3KW 10KW 50KW 80KW 90KW 100AH 105AH 160AH 202AH 280AH 304AH

Rangers -type energy storage system

  • lithium iron phosohate battery core with high safety,high energy density and long service life is adopted.
  • modular concept,the system is based on the 51.2V 100AH battery module widely launched by enerart.
  • the highly intelligent BMS can monitor battery information in real time to ensure safe operation,and supports multiple communication mode.
  • three level electrical protection to ensure the safety of batteries and external electrica equipment.
  • the intelligent temperature control system enables the battery to work in a wide range of ambient temperatures to ensures to ensure battery life.

Wall -mounted energy storage system

  • 10 years al safe service life;
  • Capacity 4-12 8kWh,consistent appearance of the overall system; 
  • intelligent BMS, monitored through WIFI;   Rs485 communication port,WIFI;   
  • DC/AC conversion efficiency of battery 97.8%; 
  • useradjustable charging settings for different batteries;   
  • comprehensive protection function.

UPS High-Voltage Lithium Battery System


  • mouular design,standardized production,strong universality,simple and converient installation,operation and maintenance.
  • lithium iron phosphate battery core is adopted,with low internal resistance,high magnification,high stafety and long life.
  • intelligont system,low loss,high conversion officiency,strong stabillity and reliable operation.
  • it supports fast charging and releasing.
  • the three-level BMS system management realizes the whole process monitoring and management of the system.
  • high and electric core is selecled,tith high cycle times,long service life and low comprehensive operation cost.
  • visual LCD display,wihich can set operation parameters,and view data and operation status in real time.
  • it supports CAN2.0, RS485 and other communications, and can meet the needs of variousoccasions.


⊕ Substitute energy demand with lifepo4

3.2V 12.8V 24V 36V 48V 72V 96V 384V

Start lithium battery

  • High energy density, light weight, easy installation and low comprehensive cost.
  • It can be designed and customized according to customer requirements.
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery has strong adaptability to high and low temperatures, and can be used in the environment of - 20 °C~70 °C. After processing, it can be used in the environment of - 45 °C, with a wide range of temperature and high reliability.

⌈300C discharge    Light weight    Lon life   Safe⌋

48V energy storage battery module

  • Modular design, standardized production, strong universality, simple and convenient installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery core is adopted, with low internalresistance, high magnification, high safety and lona life.
  • Intelligent system,low loss,high conversion efficiency,strong stability and reliable operation.
    The three-level BMS system management realizes the whole process monitoring and management of the system.
  • High end electric core is selected, with high cycle times,long service life and low comprehensive operation cost.
  • It supports CAN2.0, RS485 and other communications,and can meet the needs of various occasions.

Leadic acid replacement battery

  • Perfect substitute for lead-acid battery, safer and more stable.
  • High energy density, light weight, easy installation and low comprehensive cost.
  • It can be designed and customized according to customer requirements.
  • Long cycle life, the residual capacity of 1500 cycles of 1C/1C charging and discharging exceeds 80%.

⌈LiFePO4   Light weight   Long life    Safe⌋


⊕ New energy escorts green and low-carbon life

Outdoor portable solar generator, domestic solar system, commercial solar system, high-power solar panel

outdoor emergercy small power station

  • wide application range, long equipment life, large capacity and rapid charging to meet various outdoor needs.
  • automobile grade power cell, high conversion rate, no false standard, no anxiety in outdoor power use.
  • outdoor large area lighting worry free and converient, light up anytime and anywhere enjoy leisure time.
  • simple display interface, multiple interfaces, which can charge and supply power for various electric equipment.
  • upgrade smart chip high efficiency inverter system, solar charging, super fast charging.
  • large power battery, stable performance, strong compatibility quality assurance, safety and reliability.
  • various outdoor scenes one time statifaction.

Square lifepo4 gauge level electric cell

  • It is applicable to electric buses, minibuses, communication energy storage, RV energy storage, electric scooters, beach vehicles, environmental vehicles, sewage vehicles, green cutting power battery pack equipment, etc.
  • Highly automated production equipment to ensure consistent and stable battery performance.
  • The square aluminum shell structure is adopted, and the combined cover plate with explosion-proof valve is provided, which has no liquid leakage and high safety performance.
  • Customizable processing, capacity division, assembly, skin change, nickel transfer, drilling, welding studs.
  • Various capacities and specifications of the monomer are complete, ranging from 3.2v 20ah to 300ah. It is easy to pack, meeting various application scenarios;

Solar PV charging panel

  • Single crystal solar panel photovoltaic power generation system has high power and conversion rate of 25%, which can realize wind solar complementary household energy storage equipment group.
  • Ultra thin single crystal flexible solar cell module Light flexible and efficient photovoltaic module can be used for recreational vehicles, electric vehicles and outdoor camping.
  • The frame, size and specifications can be customized, and the solar panel bracket can be customized, which can be used with various lithium batteries of the energy.
  • The service life of the solar photovoltaic panel is long, the silicon chip can be recycled and reused, and the environmental pollution is small.

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